BCS contributor Kenneth Massey maintains the College Football Rankings Comparison. This is a side by side comparison of over 100 computer ranking systems and polls and is updated on virtually a daily basis during the season. The ARGH Power Ratings are virtually always among the closest to the consensus in this comparison. Of course, I have no idea if that actually means anything. College Basketball: Massey's College Basketball Rankings Comparison, which at last count was up to over 50 different rankings systems.

Todd Beck, creator of the PerformanZ Ratings, has a comparison of game prediction accuracy of the various rating systems here. This includes weekly comparisons of both NFL and NCAA predictions.

Former BCS contributor Peter Wolfe provides a database of this year's scores that many power-raters use.

The ARGH Power Ratings are now part of the Superlist Top 30, which is designed to be a compilation of diverse computer rankings that aren't necessarily a part of the BCS. As with everything else, the quality of the systems varies widely, but there are some very good lesser-known systems included here. This site is operated by Ray Waits, creator of the YourLinx ratings.

If you absolutely have to know if your team beat its archrival fifty years ago, James Howell has an outstanding database of major college football results going back to 1869. This is the ultimate argument settler. At the same site, he keeps a version of next year's schedule, updated periodically as he finds out about those few games that are always scheduled at (relatively) the last minute.

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